MUNing with the kids

To anyone who has participated in an MUN, you’ll understand why this picture means the world to me.

To see Famida walk from a broken home as part of a family that earns less than 4000 rupess a month into a moderated caucus as the delegate of Israel, to watch Ubed come from an uneducated family co-author a resolution paper on climate change, and to watch Ayesha tell the United States of America off for not signing the Kyoto Protocol in 2008, teaching this kids the basics of MUNing over the last few months has been incredible. To see kids who would otherwise be labelled as slum children, learn off study guides, to articulate, discuss and debate issues relating to global issues, to me, this picture just captures why at Teach For India we believe that where you come from will not determine where you go.

We’re doing the TFI MUN in February next year, if there’s anyone who’d be interested in taking an session of sorts for my kids, do get in touch, I promise you an absolutely wonderful time

Do share this with anyone in Mumbai you think might be interested.

Alternatively, you could also think of joining the fellowship and having an MUN team of your own