And with that, I am proud to oppose.

The school had its first formal debate competition, a few days ago.

Debating is something I’ve been extremely passionate about, and while I did a lot of it with my own class the last year, I have been waiting for an opportunity to formally introduce it to the rest of the school.

Worked with kids from the 9th and 10th grade last month after school along with Ruchita Brajabasi and Swapneel Rane on the format and the structure – we do have our own school debate team/club going now. I customized the Asian Parliamentary structure to a 4-member format, and watching Alisha Siddiqui take as much pleasure in destroying the Opposition’s argument as I would in college, was a extremely, extremely satisfying experience.

Here’s hoping we manage to build a team that’s good enough to take on other school teams by the end of this year. I’ve promised them at least one big trophy; god knows they’re talented enough to take home ten.

They’re currently obsessed with Mehdi Hasan, by the end of next week, I promise you they’re going to be spouting ‘Denny Crane’ to anyone who walks by.

Do get in touch if you’d be interested in taking a debate workshop of sorts for them 🙂