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I have decided that that I like it far, far more when my kids lose a football match or a class election than when they win it, because while victory allows them to show their abilities on stage, losing allows them to show character off it, and I’d rather that they take my breath away with the latter than with the former. 

Anjum lost the class elections to Mohini and Kashif this year, and her eyes betrayed her smile, as they welled up within seconds of the results being announced. She quickly wiped them off though, and proceeded to wish the two of them as the class applauded and congratulated their new leaders. 

I asked her about it later, and she promised me she was okay. ‘Bhaiyya, she reminded me, ‘grit is one of our core values this year, right?’

Grit is one of our 3 core values this year, Anjum and you have no idea how kicked I am about it, especially because I haven’t seen anybody else embody it quite the way you do, you little beauty you.