First things first, profuse apologies for not updating the blog often enough, and for the 2-month long lull, there was just too much work to do in class!

Mid Years came up, and then there was the Diwali break, there was work in the Government Relations committee that I am now part of, our boys played their first football match (and won), they just played their second match today (and lost) and well, there’s been the usual classroom learning + ‘dhamal’ (as the boys now call math – no I’m just kidding)

Anyway, just a short update on the football team. I posted the video of the boys winning their last match here, I did take my camera to the game today, but we ran out of battery.

= (

I can however tell you about the game and promise you a video and a photo album post the next game and so now that I know that all my sins are pardoned, I can proceed to the match report.

The Malwani Tigers played a senior team – students from Kim’s class (Teach For India fellow, 2011) and lost the game 3-1. The opposing team scored first and ended the first half leading 1-0, but the boys came back (I’d like to think my aggressive pep talk during half time played an important role) but then we completely lost the plot and let in 2 goals that we really shouldn’t have. One was an own goal by Imran (poor fellow you should’ve seen his face after the match) and Tahir let one go in between his legs (but he swore on the Math Common core that he wont let that happen again). By the end of the second half, I was thankful I had forgotten to charge my battery the previous night.

But the bright side is that very often losing teaches you more than winning does. I think reflections after a loss are always more honest and harsh, and there’s an urge to win the next match as opposed to overconfidence regarding the same. We had a long discussion after the match on what went right and what went wrong, and they were completely honest about the other team outplaying them in certain departments and looked forward to the next practice to work on that. We’re also moving a few positions here and there, changing our strategy (we’re now going in with a 2-2-1, as opposed to a 2-1-2) we decided we will work on simple set pieces for the next match (our corner kicks were horrible, we never looked like scoring from our free kicks either) so in spite of the loss, I’m happy because I’d like to think we’ve come out a better team than we would’ve had we won. I was also extremely proud of the way the boys handled the defeat, they went ahead after the final whistle to shake hands with everyone of the other team, even paying a compliment here and there. Kudos to Kim’s team though, they totally outplayed us, but as Shahid eloquently (and pompously) says, ‘We’ll practice hard to come back someday to play the same team, in the same ground only to change the result of the game.’ Clearly, they know how to pick themselves up; there’s also clearly no lack of heroic dialoge-baazi – sometimes I think my time would be better spent in a theatre class with them, but thats a different story altogether.

More interestingly, my girls also played their first match today! Less interestingly, they also lost.

Honestly, the girls got thrashed, there’s no euphemistic way to put the defeat across.

But, they had a ball playing football = )

It was absolutely great to see them on the field playing , sweating it out, running around in the heat of the sun yelling at their teammates asking for passes urging each other on (I promise pictures AND a video the next time to make up for the lack of both this time around) trying to pass and kick and try to score (they did score a goal btw, and a good one at that and we’ll completely ignore that the other team scored 4 more) but like I said it was just great to see them go out there and play their first match ever.

They were more disappointed after the match – the girls actually really took it to heart and cried and wailed and pulled at each others hair (no I’m just kidding), and we had to calm them down, but I really hope they win their next match, because with the way things went, the auto back after the next match will have 2 people less.

That’s all for now, here’s to more updates, more luck, maybe even a loss more, I know the teams have come out a much better and closer team having lost today, than they probably did after the victory of the first match.

Also in case you were wondering, class is going great, the kids have their Unit test coming up this week before they break for Christmas, can’t wait for them to come back in Jan for a killer killer Unit.

More stories to follow = )