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The past week was pretty easy on the mind; nothing extra – ordinary or striking reflective took place in 4b, Elia Sarwat, so this blog post unlike most (okay ALL) others, is simply a narrative of the week gone by.

(Although I’ll admit that I’m really confused about whether a quiet week is something to celebrate, or feel bad about here at TFI)

Eid !

Spending Eid with the kids was a fantastic way to start the week though; more than anything else, it really changed my perceptions of the backgrounds they grow up in. I had recently written an article for our communication/recruitment team on how our children come from very deprived backgrounds where their parents in making ends ends, have no time for their kids. While I was partially right in assuming that they don’t get ‘quality time’ with their parents quite the way we did, I realized that in the midst of all this hitting and getting beaten up at home, their parents love them to death, they just have very different ways of showing it

Super Saturdayy

Okay so Saturdays, or ‘Super Saturdays’ as we call them are a lot of fun because they are usually non – academic. It is on Saturday that we bring someone over to talk to the kids, or hold extra – curricular workshops for them. This Saturday I went into class with a small mono-acts that I had prepared,  and (hopefully) got them excited about theatre and acting. I worked with them on acting, improvisation and expressions this week, and I wish I had a video of the kids acting their parts out; some of them were exceptionally, exceptionally good. I’m really hoping this leads to a strong active theatre club (hopefully as good or better than the one we had in college), where we begin to produce and direct our own little plays/street plays and find performance places around in Bombay, sometime later this year. Pretty excited : )

Football ! (hopefully)

Football practice should start this week (or the next, but yai yai) Monis told me there was a ground nearby and got me really excited last Thursday, but the ‘ground’ looks suspiciously like a garbage dump that has recently been cleared. I’ll make peace and make do with what I have though, mostly because I’m super excited about channelizing all the frustration and energy they bring into class, to something productive and hopefully inspiring on field by the end of the year for the kids.

(Just for Kicks, are you listening yet?)

Anyway, that’s about it for this week, the classes were slow and went according to plan (although we did have to teach two digit multiplication thrice and I hate teaching the kids the life and times of Sant Namdeo). We narrowed down on two projects that we could possibly implement as part of Design For Change  – doing something for sick people in government hospitals and/or do something about the littering in and around school,  I’m eager to see how future debates around these topics unfold.

Hopefully the next week will be as quiet and smooth and slow and non-reflective (or not, I’m clearly confused).

Can’t leave you without sharing one of the priceless notes I got this week (these notes are testimony to the fact that no week can really be too uneventful, at Elia Sarwat)

This is Rafiq expressing his love for me because I am a chashmish and because I can’t see and because my eyes get hot pot lot.

Until next time then : )