As time went by, Shubham got more and more invested in his learning.

After a hard day at school Dhvani and me would let the kids play for sometime, just to make sure they came back refreshed. But Shubham would refuse to go. While everyone else played catch, he would sit with me and go over the spellings of the previous day, or ask me questions about some things, he didn’t understand in school. Teach me this, teach me that. He kept asking for more.

As days went by, the dedication and commitment that he showed everyday, began to rub off me and Dhvani, in class, and even outside school. It was worth coming to school, just to watch him lean in, eyes unwavering, ready to lap up anything that you offered, and as days went by, he slowly grew more confident in his spellings.

On the second last day of instructional teaching during the last week of institute, Shubham’s teacher in morning school gave them a dictation test. The test was particularly difficult one, and Rahul managed to get an 8 while Kunal got a 7.


Shubham came for my class that day with his notebook that showed 10 out of 10.