Sometime during the second week of Summer school, a bunch of 8th and 9th grade kids asked me if I could teach them English and Math.  Technically, summer school was only from grade 1-6, so I couldn’t put them in a class, but I agreed to sit with them in the ground and go through Reading, Writing and Math with the help of Dhavni a colloab member of mine.

One of the kids who had approached me was a kid called Shubham, who when I took the Pre diagnostic for the students who had enrolled, I realized, was 3 grade levels below in English, while the others were almost on grade level.

But Shubham was also the most invested of the lot. He had morning school till 2, and then tutions from 5, and but he would be the first to come, and the last to leave. And considering this was informal, some of the students would come and go as they wished, but

Shubham and 2 others, Kunal and Rahul came every single day.

On the third day after teaching them basic RF and phonics, I gave them a spelling test. While Rahul got a 18 and Kunal got a 17, Shubham got an 8.


He broke down a cried that day.