It was the second week of Institute, and the first week of summer schoolI walked into school on the first day feeling equally nervous and equally excited, I had rehearsed and rehearsed and then rehearsed some more the night before. My lesson plan just had to be perfect.

I walked into class, my own class, with a big smile on my face, which only grew wider when the first student walked in.

It was the last time I smiled that day.

Because 20 minutes later, I was standing in class, 32 bright young faces looking expectantly at me, and I began addressing them. 30 seconds later, they had lost interest in whatever I had to say.

Shahid was looking out of the window, Rohit was out of his seat. Khushi found Sneha far more interesting, Nabil wanted to go to the toilet, and Rudra was playing with magnets.  I tried the attention grabber, but I got no response. I called out Shahids name and asked him to pay attention, and he did. For the next 4 seconds. And before I could figure what was happening, 6 new kids had walked into my class, settled in right at the back and had started singing Tu Mera Hero.

To cut an agonizingly long story short, I walked out of class with a torn pocket and a tattered ego and my first day in school, was a complete disaster.